At OptiComm we understand the needs of developers. Your not a telecommunication expert and in the scheme of things the telecommunications infrastructure, while important, is not a high value part of a project. You want to be able to provide some drawings and leave the rest up to the carrier to design and build the network. You dont want to be going back and forth between many different parties trying to make something work, which should otherwise be easy.

That's why at OptiComm we like to make your job easy when it comes to telecommunications infrastructure - as easy as one, two, three.....

  1. Submit an Intent to Develop online or contact one of our Fibre Connected Community Consultants.

  2. Negotiate an Agreement with Opticomm

  3. For each stage submit an Application to Reticulate

Now sit back and leave the driving to us. Our process called "Working with OptiComm" is shown below. Click on the image to get a full scale PDF version.