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OptiComm is an independent, licensed Australian Telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network solutions for new residential and business developments.

At OptiComm, our approach to the design and operation of FTTP is based on years of research and development. We created the “open access, wholesale-only” business model which was embraced by the Federal Government in 2009. This highly successful model has made OptiComm Australia’s trusted and largest privately owned builder and operator of FTTP Networks for new developments.

OptiComm is committed to making it simple for Australians to connect by building smart communities. Our Fibre Connected Communities deliver advanced services over and above that specified by Government policy.

At a Glance


OptiComm was formed as a division of Optimal Cable Services.


OptiComm won major fibre to the premise tenders in both South Australia and NSW.


OptiComm obtained telecommunications license.


OptiComm separated from Optimal Cable Services in a joint venture with Hills Holdings.


The first estate delivered in 2007 by the company was Fernbrooke in Queensland.


OptiComm launched the first 100Mbps residential access service in Australia.


OptiComm was awarded a contract by NBN Co to operate and build on behalf of the NBN Co the stage 1 release of the National Broadband Network in Australia, in Tasmania.


As operator of the stage 1 NBN Co Tasmania network, OptiComm connects the first ever customers to NBN Co’s network in Australia.


Private Equity bought out Hills Holdings interest in OptiComm, and provided the support for OptiComm’s future growth plans.


OptiComm launches the first residential 250Mbps internet service in Australia with the M2 group.


Our Mission

At OptiComm, we are all about connecting people by building smart communities. We believe that the more people are connected, the more opportunities they have. OptiComm is proud to help our customers improve the ways in which they live and work and be a leader in Australia’s transition to a digital future.

As part of our mission, we are committed to delivering open access network services that add value to new residential and business developments. OptiComm proactively engages with developers, builders and residents. We strive to serve and understand the needs of our customers and take responsibility to deliver quality outcomes in a safe and timely manner.

Our 6 Core Values

Our values underpin the way in which we act and behave at OptiComm. They describe what is important to us and guide our thinking and interactions with our customers, each other and the community. By putting our values into action, we can connect people and create smart communities.


We adopt a collaborative approach with all our stakeholders at every stage of the project.


We pride ourselves on the reliability and dependability of our networks and our people.


We believe in fair and equitable access by all Service Providers who access our network.


We operate with integrity and engender trust with all our customers and suppliers.


We are flexible to fit the circumstances of each stakeholder.


Our system and processes are designed to be simple for all of our users to follow.

Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to Quality & Safety

Our Safety and Environmental Management Systems have been certified to Australian Standard AS4801. With certified systems and procedures that adhere to this recognised standard, the company’s competence ensures customers receive a consistently high level of service.

Workplace Safety

At OptiComm ensuring the safety of communities, the environment and our workers is the most important job we have and one of our core values. We are dedicated to building a culture of excellence in safety and continually improving safety practices to meet the best standards in the industry.

OptiComm works to ensure Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) best practices are a normal part of everybody’s job. To work with OptiComm, employees and contractors need to accept responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for themselves, their colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Commitment to the Environment

OptiComm is committed to building optical fibre networks that can be operated and used in an ecologically sustainable manner. The delivery of multiple communication services through a single fibre optic cable provides not only time and monetary savings to the community and service carrier, but also has minimal impact on the environment.

At Opticomm we have a motto of “Ban the Box” because we believe Fibre Distribution Hubs (FDHs) are detrimental to the aesthetics of an estate. The traditional large above ground hubs are also vulnerable to damage and are not waterproof. OptiComm’s cable infrastructure is ALL underground and 100% waterproof, so even in a flood, our services continue to work. These advanced features enhance the sustainable efficiency of our networks.

OptiComm is constantly seeking new ways of delivering environmental benefits in a socially responsible manner. Recent initiatives include:

  • OptiComm purchased GreenPower renewable energy certificates equivalent to 50 per cent of our energy consumption from our facilities.

OptiComm Privacy Statement

OptiComm Connecting Australia’s
Greenest Mixed-Use Urban Precinct

Giving Back to the Community


Royal Children’s Hospital, Victoria

As part of the annual Good Friday Appeal in aid of the Royal Children’s Hospital Victoria, Henley and Villawood Properties built a brand new home which was sold at a no reserve charity auction. OptiComm was proud to participate in this project providing the fibre optic network services for the home. The 2015 Charity Home Auction raised $646,000 with 100% of the proceeds going to the appeal.

Southwestern Sydney Institute of TAFE

MOU with Southwestern Sydney TAFE to provide materials for students training, curriculum support and material for student courses for Certificate II through to Certificate IV.

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