Designing Smart Cities for the Future

OptiComm National Broadband Fibre – Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

  • Connected Cities
  • Green Cities
  • Secure Cities
  • Affordable Cities
  • Functional Cities
  • Connected Cities

Connected Cities

OptiComm designs and builds integrated communications networks to create smart, energy efficient, connected buildings, cities and communities that cater for all the neighbourhood’s needs for decades to come.

  • Green Cities

Green Cities

Our optic fibre supports sustainable and green technology such as environmental monitoring, automated energy management and energy usage monitoring systems for homes, large buildings and communities.

  • Secure Cities

Secure Cities

Our versatile fibre also supports closed circuit TV security monitoring, intercoms, and smart analytics that can detect behaviour such as loitering, tailgating and paths of movement and even generate automatic alarms.

  • Affordable Cities

Affordable Cities

OptiComm’s experienced communications engineers, designers and construction technicians deliver future-proof, fibre-rich networks that save property developers, residents and businesses time, money and hassles.

  • Functional Cities

Functional Cities

Integrated, automated and functional cities, communities and buildings are supported by streamlined systems that completely manage utilities, communications, entertainment, safety and security.

OptiComm designs, supplies and installs the building blocks for smart precincts, cities and communities.

Our state-of-the-art optic fibre supports systems that unify infrastructure and take advantage of the latest in labour saving technology.

OptiComm optic fibre and systems can support:

  • Phone and voip
  • High-speed Internet
  • Freeview and Foxtel
  • Door locks and intercoms
  • CCTV and motion sensors
  • Smoke alarms
  • Public address systems
  • External music
  • Community wi-fi
  • Building automation
  • Heating and cooling
  • Utility management
  • Lighting and digital signage
  • Environmental sensors
  • Energy monitoring systems

Just 1 Fibre Does it All!

Whether you’re building single dwellings, apartments or hotels, retail or offices, OptiComm offers a range of options for every development type.

Innovation & Smart Cities

Optimising Density and Liveability in the Built Environment through Infrastructure, Innovation & The Internet of Things

What is a Smart City?

Although consumers already derive a great deal of utility from digital devices, the challenge for the planners of cities is to deploy infrastructure that will support applications  capable of simultaneously delivering benefits to communities that include economic and employment benefits, safety and security benefits, cultural and lifestyle benefits as well as delivering on sustainability.

Higher levels of population density, in both Greenfield and Urban Renewal developments, requires innovative infrastructure.

To meet the demands of modern high density living, developers are increasingly turning to the private sector to provide innovative infrastructure to provide Electricity, Hot and Cold water, Gas and Telecommunications and Community services in new developments.

The network connection of community infrastructure elements is the foundation of what we are now calling – a Smart City.

This document Innovation & Smart Cities looks at the journey towards a Smart City and the implications for Communities, Business, Government, Planners and Property Developers.

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