OptiComm fibre networks connect Master Planned Communities across Australia.

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OptiComm provide National Broadband Fibre in Greenfield Master Planned communities across Australia.

OptiComm delivers Broadband, Telephone, Free-to-Air Television, FOXTEL and Community Wi-Fi in parks and community facilities.

Fibre-to-the-Premises has the fastest speed and the largest capacity of any communications technology. In other areas, the government is deploying copper or co-axe cable instead of fibre. In communities serviced by OptiComm, every home, business and community facility will be provided with a superfast fibre connection.

To ensure our connected communities are ready for Smart City applications that support the environment, OptiComm is deploying additional fibre infrastructure to support Smart City applications such as 5G, Wi-Fi and community infrastructure such as Smart Light Poles that will connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

All our communications infrastructure is underground, creating visually appealing precincts without power lines, TV antennas and satellite dishes on buildings. Real time data analytics can contribute to understanding how residents and communities are interacting with the urban environment so to enable urban activation as well as contributing to knowledge for long-term urban planning.

  • Choice of RSP to the resident
  • On-time delivery
  • Risk-free delivery
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Fibre to the building
  • Extra fibre capacity for smart communities
  • Choice of RSP to the resident

Choice of RSPs for residents

As a wholesaler provider of open access networks, we offer a range of Retail Service Providers (RSPs) meaning your occupants have the choice of an RSP that suits their individual needs.

See our Retail Service Providers

*Please note, a listed RSP may not operate in your State / Territory. We recommend you contact your preferred RSP to identify whether they service your area.

  • On-time delivery

Guaranteed on-time delivery

  • Contracted service date for your first resident
  • Streamlined and simplified installation
  • Budget certainty, no hidden costs
  • Risk-free delivery

Guaranteed risk-free delivery

  • Highly experienced and thorough team
  • Government broadband policy complaint
  • OptiComm takes responsibility for communications pit and pipe
  • Dedicated project manager

Guaranteed dedicated project manager

  • Direct line to your own project manager
  • No call centres or unanswered emails
  • Responsive, experienced and professional service
  • Fibre to the building

Guaranteed fibre to the building

  • Can handle faster speeds than copper to the building
  • Can support more than phone and internet
  • Choice of more RSPs than any other private carrier
  • Extra fibre capacity for smart communities

Guaranteed extra fibre capacity for smart communities

  • OptiComm installs up to 50% extra fibre to future proof village
  • Ready for future needs as demands increase
  • Smart cities ready

Oran Park

Oran Park became one of the first precincts released in the New South Wales Government’s South West Priority Growth Area.

Oran Park Raceway was an iconic Sydney motor racing circuit nestled in the dairy farming districts around Narellan in South Western Sydney.

The land offered outstanding potential for housing the growing city and Oran Park became one of the first precincts released in the New South Wales Government’s South West Priority Growth Area.

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