Creating smart cities

Like you, we care about the quality of the communities we’re connecting. That’s why we deliver state-of-the-art systems that create smarter, connected and safer communities ready for tomorrow’s technology, today.

Guaranteed fibre to the premises

We’re future-proofing developments with guaranteed optic fibre direct to the premises. That means faster speeds and the capacity to handle more exciting technology than just phone calls and Internet.

Making it simple for you

Get your development connected correctly, safely and on time. We take responsibility for our work and it’s compliant with Government standards. Plus, your dedicated project manager is just a phone call away.

Estate-wide security

Attract safety-conscious buyers to your development. OptiComm’s fibre supports safety features like smart street lamps that change colour to suit weather conditions and CCTV throughout the development.

No ongoing costs to you

OptiComm takes a weight off the minds of developers with an all inclusive offering with no hidden costs. Plus, there are no ongoing costs to you for maintenance and repairs to the OptiComm fibre optic network.

Building future networks

We lay the foundations for the future with a network that supports: phone, TV, Internet, lights, building access, CCTV, motion sensors, weather monitoring, heating, cooling, elevators, Wi-Fi hotspots and more.

OptiComm Communities