OptiComm fibre networks service Australia’s largest Multi-Dwelling Residential Developments

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OptiComm provide National Broadband Fibre in large and small Multi- Dwelling Unit developments.

In addition to the essential Broadband and Telephone, OptiComm offers a range of connectivity options for building services such as: Lift and FIP phone services, SMATV system (FOXTEL & Free-to-Air TV), Video Intercom, Access Control systems, CCTV and Security systems, Wi-Fi for public access, EMS/BMS systems and metering.

OptiComm offer residents a wide range of Retail Service providers. Broadband internet plans that are significantly faster that those currently available in other areas of Australia. Plans range from affordable right up to 250Mbs services for gamers or local business.

Building systems and services are delivered via a GPON network provided by OptiComm. OptiComm infrastructure can be functionally or structurally separated from the Telecommunications network to enable future transfer of ownership to the Owners Corporation.

Technology Inspired by Apartments

OptiComm supports more than just data and phone services. One fibre does it all.

  • Choice of ISP to the resident
  • On-time delivery
  • Risk-free delivery
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Fibre to the building
  • Extra fibre capacity for smart communities
  • Choice of ISP to the resident

Guaranteed choice of internet service provider to the resident

  • Retail service providers offer a variety of plans from 12 to 250Mbps
  • Quality providers ensure industry standard pricing or better
  • Selected RSPs provide specialist onsite assistance to residents and the village
  • On-time delivery

Guaranteed on-time delivery

  • Contracted service date for your first resident
  • Streamlined and simplified installation
  • Budget certainty, no hidden costs
  • Risk-free delivery

Guaranteed risk-free delivery

  • Highly experienced and thorough team
  • Government broadband policy complaint
  • OptiComm takes responsibility for communications pit and pipe
  • Dedicated project manager

Guaranteed dedicated project manager

  • Direct line to your own project manager
  • No call centres or unanswered emails
  • Responsive, experienced and professional service
  • Fibre to the building

Guaranteed fibre to the building

  • Can handle faster speeds than copper to the building
  • Can support more than phone and internet
  • Choice of more RSPs than any other private carrier
  • Extra fibre capacity for smart communities

Guaranteed extra fibre capacity for smart communities

  • OptiComm installs up to 50% extra fibre to future proof village
  • Ready for future needs as demands increase
  • Smart cities ready

One Central Park

Central Park development – Australia’s greenest mixed-use urban precinct.

OptiComm is proud to be the provider of wholesale telecommunications and network services for the iconic $2B Central Park development in Chippendale, described as Australia’s greenest mixed-use urban precinct.

Located opposite the University of Technology Sydney and close to Sydney’s Central Station, the redevelopment of the old Carlton & United Brewery site occupies 5.8 hectares of land and delivers 235,000 sqm of prime real estate.

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