OptiComm and Norup + Wilson collaborate on another precinct

By Nick Acfield posted July 14, 2020


Following success at The Crest apartments in Burswood, OptiComm and Norup + Wilson have just completed another project, The Precinct, in Mount Pleasant, Western Australia.

Residents at The Precinct have been enjoying speeds of up to 1Gbps via selected Retail Service Providers (RSP), a speed made possible by OptiComm fibres.

In addition, apartments at The Precinct will embrace smart technology, with a fully-integrated communications network that utilises OptiComm fibre to support services like access control, security, CCTV and intercoms.

In addition to installing the fibres that connect residents to the internet, television and phone line, OptiComm also managed the installation of the building’s CCTV and security systems.

At The Precinct, technology is a key focus; the buildings are even future-proofed to the point of including a drone landing pad, which has been installed to enable futuristic delivery systems that are still in prototype phase.

Residents also have the ability to control the lighting, heating, cooling, security and more remotely via smartphone applications.

OptiComm’s state manager Kevin Chambers explains how the focus on technology at The Precinct, the second project that the company has collaborated with Norup + Wilson on, motivated his team.

“ We were glad to work with the team at Norup + Wilson again following our work at The Crest apartments – it is always great to work with a company that values cutting-edge technology so highly.

“ We knew the team were keen to future-proof the site, and for us that meant the ability for residents to access 1Gbps download speeds, an integrated communications network, intuitive apartment controls, and smart city capabilities,” he said.

Norup + Wilson director Dave Wilson believes the two companies shared a values alignment and a strong working relationship.

“ Our whole apartment building is focused on providing a technologically-advanced lifestyle for residents – we have electric car charging stations, a smartphone app to control apartments, interconnected security and communication systems, and front doors that you can open using your finger print!” he said. To read more about OptiComm’s smart city capabilities, visit: https://www.opticomm.net.au/developers To read more about The Precinct, visit https://www.norupwilson.com/projects/current-projects/the-precinct-mount-pleasant

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