OptiComm brings FTTP to Warralily

By Nick Acfield posted August 27, 2020

Warralily, developed by Newland Developers, is a picturesque community set in the stunning natural surrounds of Armstrong Creek in Victoria. Boasting sweeping views, connectivity to Geelong, and now, high-speed FTTP connections on OptiComm fibres, Warralily has many strings to its bow.

Warralily residents can look forward to internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second on OptiComm fibres, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity in public amenities, pay and free-to-air television services and a distinct lack of satellite dishes and television antennas throughout their new neighbourhood.

The site has been designed with growth in mind, with OptiComm’s ability to future-proof its estates paramount for the developer, according to Newland Developers Development Manager Martin O’Hanlon.

“ OptiComm has a reputation for installing its tech with future demand in mind, we want our residents to know that any future technology will be able to run on their broadband.

“ In addition to the benefits for residents, OptiComm’s television signals going through its fibres means there’s no need for satellite dishes or antennas, which will ensure a positive aesthetic for Warralily,” he said.

OptiComm sales manager Lee Oettinger says his team is proud to be working across such a large project in one of Victoria’s most-popular hubs.

“ Warralily is one of the best-known residential estates in the greater Geelong area, and the fact that it will be home to 5,500 lots one day is an exciting prospect.

“ We, with all our connected estates, will be installing additional fibres throughout Warralily so that each resident is always confident in their ability to access a high-speed connection,” he said.

For more information on Warralily, visit: http://warralily.com.au/

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