The Nuts and Bolts of Opticomm’s Smart Poles

By geoffm posted June 12, 2020


Smart poles are one of OptiComm’s unique offerings at its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) enabled communities, with these multi-purpose digital beacons subbing in for the typically underrated street lamp.

The poles, which are made and manufactured locally by Goldspar Australia, provide many functions for residents, builders, developers and the local community, with CCTV cameras, digital signage, lights, public Wi-Fi and even television signals all enabled through the poles.

Typically, developers will install smart poles throughout the neighbourhood early in the development as a means of improving the site’s security and reducing the prevalence of issues like rubbish dumping, which is a long-standing issue for most early-stage broadacre developments.

Another benefit of the smart poles is the infrastructure that can be installed within; TV antennas, OptiComm fibres, Foxtel dishes and even wi-fi nodes can be put into the poles.

The smart poles are made of extruded aluminium, which, in addition to making them weatherproof, allows them to be finished in a number of different colours, allowing developers to further enhance the design of the aesthetic of their neighbourhood. To read more about OptiComm, visit:

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