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We recommend you provide this to your builders to confirm your house is ready continuing. If you builder has already confirmed readiness then please proceed.

Thank-you for your interest in connecting to an OptiComm Fibre Connected Community – Australia’s fastest and most advanced fibre optic network provider. In this community you will be able to receive all your broadband, telephone and entertainment services† over a single fibre optic cable.This means your free to air television is available at every TV outlet in your home so there is no need to install an antenna, saving you many hundreds of dollars.

Before you can receive your connection we need to install a termination device in your home to convert the optical signal into an electrical interface that is more common within your home. By prior arrangement with the developer of your community, there is a standard connection fee.

This transaction along with the attached acceptance form will need to be completed before we can schedule the work to install the hardware required to activate your connection. An invoice will be emailed to you shortly with the payment instructions.

It is important that you read the attached checksheet carefully and check with your builder that its all been completed. We recommend you use this check sheet during your final inspection/handover with the builder to confirm everything is in place. In the event the installation cannot be completed due to a failure of your builder to comply with any of the items on the checklist a Failed Installation Fee of $97 for the callout will be charged and you will need to contact your builder/cabler/real estate agent to have this rectified.

Please note: We are not be able to proceed with your installation until we have received an online confirmation and payment (if applicable for your estate).

After connection has been completed

After we have completed the connection of your premises to the Opticomm network you should contact your service provider to activate your phone, internet and pay TV services. For an up to date list of the service providers in your estate please go to Find a Service Provider.

Your free to air TV will be activated when the termination device has been installed; however you may need to re-scan your TV in order to receive all the channels.

Post Installation Service Issues

Once connected, you need to contact your Retail Service Provider in the event of technical issues or service outages. They will perform troubleshooting procedures and if it is deemed by them the problem may exist in the OptiComm network, the service provider will raise a fault ticket with OptiComm. OptiComm are unable to arrange for a technician visit without receiving a service issue report from your provider.

If you experience issues with your Freeview TV services and your phone and internet services are working fine, first try a re-scan of your TV or Set Top Box. If this does not work, contact the OptiComm Freeview Support Centre on 1300 044 319.

If you are experiencing issues with all services, before calling anyone please check that the termination device power supply has not been switched off, if this is not the case please contact your service provider who will raise a trouble ticket with OptiComm.

Thank-you for connecting to the network and choosing to live in an OptiComm Fibre Connected Community.

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