• What service providers are available over the OptiComm network?

    OptiComm has a wide range of Retail Service Providers on its network and the list is expanding all the time. Check out the current list here.

  • Do I need a modem or router for my Internet to work?

    OptiComm installs equipment (namely an ONT for FTTP networks), that replaces the modem in an ADSL network. It is recommended that a home router is used to distribute the data via Wi-Fi or cables within the premises. Please speak with your Retail Service Provider (RSP) on the best options for a router to purchase or they may be able to supply a suitable router as part of the Internet service package.

  • Can I have a standard phone line to my property for back to base alarm services, EFTPOS facilities and priority assistance?

    Yes. A phone service delivered via the telephone or UNI-V port of the ONT has been tested and will support back to base alarm systems, EFTPOS terminals, fax machines and Priority Assist while on the OptiComm network. Please check with your Retail Service Provider (RSP) if their telephone network supports these devices and services.

  • How do I apply for priority assistance service?

    Please call Customer Service on 1300 137 800 and ask our staff for the application form for Priority Assist. Please note that the criteria for this service has been defined by the Surgeon General of Australia and not by OptiComm.

  • My Internet and/or phone has stopped working. What should I do?

    Any Internet or telephone service faults, issues or incidents should always be referred to your Retail Service Provider (RSP). If they deem it could be an issue within the OptiComm portion of the network, the RSP will contact the OptiComm Network Operation Centre for a resolution. Under the Privacy Act, End Users are not able to call OptiComm directly as your service agreement is with your RSP, not OptiComm. Please click here to find your RSP’s contact information.

  • Can I activate a second Internet or phone port?

    Yes, please ask your Retail Service Provider who will arrange this with OptiComm. Note that you may need some additional cabling to support a second Internet or telephone service.

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Getting Connected
  • How do I register for an OptiComm connection to my property?

    You can order a connection via our website or by telephoning OptiComm Customer Service on 1300 137 800. A connection fee may apply and this amount has been determined in conjunction with your Property Developer.

  • My home has not been correctly prepared for OptiComm, what should I do?

    You will need to contact your builder to rectify the deficiencies as it is a legal requirement for builders to make all new premises “fibre-ready”. If you are not the first owner of the property, you will need to have a ACMA licensed cabling contractor to prepare your premises for an OptiComm connection.

  • How much does it cost to connect to the network?

    The cost of connections varies between estates. The price has been determined by negotiations between your Property Developer and OptiComm.  Please check your address on the website or call our Customer Service on 1300 137 800 for a quotation of the connection fee for your premises.

  • Are there any ongoing fees for the OptiComm service?

    No. There are no on-going fees from OptiComm. For free to air TV faults, OptiComm reserve the right to charge maintenance fees after the 2-year warranty period has expired.

  • Is there a warranty period on the connection?

    There is a warranty period for the free to air TV service only. This is two years from the date OptiComm completed the Network Termination Device installation. Ongoing maintenance of the OptiComm infrastructure for your Internet, Foxtel and telephone services is included within your retail service fee.

  • Why is the Internet speed not what I purchased from my service provider?

    OptiComm’s network has more than sufficient capacity to provide the super fast Internet speeds. The OptiComm network easily delivers the bandwidth that each of our service providers have purchased from us. Please note that OptiComm does offer different product quality options to our service providers. It is up to the service providers to ensure they purchase the correct product options to ensure they have sufficient bandwidth to adequately service their end users’ requirements. These design decisions by the service provider, along with the service provider’s traffic class allocations, the end user equipment, quality of the home wiring and the speed of the servers providing the Internet content, will largely determine the speed the end user can achieve. Please contact your service provider for further information or if you are experiencing problems.

General Questions

  • Can tenants order a connection and/or service?

    Yes. Tenants will need to liaise with the property Owner/Builder/Property Manager to complete the Customer Acceptance form providing permission to complete the connection. Once the connection is approved, Tenants can order an Internet, phone or Pay TV service from any the listed Retail Service Providers.

  • What do the indicator lights on the Network Termination Device mean?

    Any service issues should be referred to your Retail Service Provider or in the case of a Free-to-Air TV issue telephone 1300 044 319. As there is a wide range of termination equipment installed, there are too many options to list in this FAQ however your service provider should be able to provide information about the lights on the OptiComm equipment.

  • Can I switch the OptiComm equipment on/off?

    It is highly recommended to keep the OptiComm equipment powered up at all times. You should only power cycle the OptiComm equipment under instructions from your service provider or an OptiComm technician or network operator.

  • What is the customer service guarantee?

    The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) is part of the Federal Telecommunications Act and guarantees installation and times to repair a standard telephone service. OptiComm complies with the CSG for telephone services delivered via the UNI-V port however, it does not apply to over the Internet telephone services, or to the Internet service itself.

  • When is the next residential information night?

    Please ask your local land sales office when OptiComm will be conducting a residents information night in your area. If the sales office staff need to arrange for an information night, please contact your local OptiComm account manager or phone 1300 137 800.

  • What is an OptiComm fibre connected community?

    OptiComm designs, builds and operates Fibre-to-the-Premises networks in new estates as per the Federal Telecommunications Act, where a Developer has chosen OptiComm to build the telecommunications network. OptiComm operates the network on a wholesale only, open-access business model where Retail Service Providers (RSPs) are given open and equitable access to supply services to the premises within this community. Not all RSPs are available in every estate. It is the choice of the RSP to seek access to OptiComm’s network, not OptiComm’s decision or action to block their access.

  • What is the Optical Network Terminal?

    The termination equipment in any telecommunications carrier’s network is called a Network Termination Device or NTD. In the case of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks, the NTD is called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), a device that terminates the fibre network and presents “copper” interfaces to the premises for the connection of telephone, Internet and Pay TV devices such as telephone handsets, home router or gateways and Set-Top-Boxes. The ONT remains “in-network”, i.e. it remains under the control of OptiComm and is part of an active Telecommunications network.

  • Is OptiComm compliant with the Government’s policy?

    OptiComm builds networks that are fully compliant with the Federal Telecommunications Act as amended following the introduction of the Government’s policy for Telecommunications in New Developments.

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