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OptiComm’s Fibre to the Premises solution is an “Open Access” network that provides residential and business customers a choice of retail service providers. Once your Network Termination Device (NTD) is installed and commissioned, the network is capable of having a retail service activated. You can choose a supplier for phone, Internet, Foxtel and a range of other services. Use the buttons below to find a supplier in your area.

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Service Assurance

My internet speed is not what I purchased from my service provider. OptiComm’s network has more than sufficient capacity to provide the high speeds required by today’s bandwidth hungry Internet users. The OptiComm network easily delivers the bandwidth that each of our service providers have purchased from us. OptiComm does offer different product quality options to our service providers. It is up to the service providers to ensure they purchase the correct product options to ensure they have sufficient bandwidth to adequately service their end users requirements. These design decisions by the service provider, along with the service provider’s traffic class allocations, the end user equipment, quality of the home wiring and the speed of the servers providing the Internet content, will largely determine the speed the end user can achieve. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for further information or if you are experiencing problems.

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